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64-bit ARM Servers Now Available!

miniNodes is proud to announce that we have a small number of 64-bit ARM servers built and available for purchase, making us the first provider in the industry to offer this product.  Check them out here:

These 64-bit ARM servers are perfect for early adopters to test code and port applications, as well as verify functionality of their programs and squash bugs.  These nodes were built using the HiKey board, so these are 8-core HiSilicon 6220 (ARM Cortex A53) processors with 1gb of RAM and 4gb of eMMC, running pre-release Debian 8.0 “Jessie”, on a Linux 3.18 kernel.  The hardware offers great performance and the software is rapidly evolving.

Keep in mind this is an alpha product, so there are a few Known Issues to be aware of:

  • Reboots are not working yet.  To reboot your node, simply open up a Ticket and let us know you need a reboot.  We’ll power cycle the board.
  • These nodes are behind a firewall and NAT’ed to keep them protected.  SSH access and the standard required ports are open, but not much else.

Until now, it has been prohibitively expensive to acquire, deploy, and run 64-bit ARM servers locally to build and test code designed for the architecture.  However, miniNodes is helping to drive early adoption by providing an alternate, and much more cost effective way to gain access to the platform.

Special thanks for all of the engineering work goes to the Linaro organization, as they have done the bulk of the work in bringing up this hardware and software.


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