Arm Community Developer Hardware Program

miniNodes is proud to host and manage the brand new Arm Community Developer Hardware Program announced at Arm DevSummit 2021, with the goal of providing individual developers access to single board computers from an array of vendors. Developers who are accepted in to the program are provided with an Arm-powered single board computer, running Linux, in a cloud environment. They can build applications, experiment with AI/ML, validate their software works on Arm, and generally learn and grow their skills, free of cost. Arm has generously sponsored the hardware, and miniNodes manages access and maintains the nodes and infrastructure at the datacenter.

To gain access a board, we have a GitHub repository setup here where developers can fill out a request by opening up an Issue. The team will evaluate the proposal, and if selected, you will be provided with a node and credentials to access the board. Regular followup from the team ensures proper usage and milestones are met, and when your project is concluded, we reformat and redeploy the node for next team or user.  

More information about the program can be found on the Works On Arm website, located at

What will you build on Arm?