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HOW-TO: Install Node.js on the miniNode ARM Server (Ubuntu)

Installing Node.js on an Ubuntu miniNode ARM dedicated server is extremely simple!

To get Node.js installed, you have two choices.  Either install it via the ‘apt’ package management command, or, by checking out the code directly from git.  Either method will work great.


Option 1, via ‘apt’:

1.  SSH to your miniNode, and become root.

su -

2.  Install Node.js via the ‘apt’ command.

apt-get install nodejs



Option 2, via git:

1.  SSH to your miniNode, and become root.

su -

2.  Install git.

apt-get install git

3.  Check out Node.js from the repository, and then build it.

git clone
cd node
git checkout v0.10.28 #Try checking for what the stable version is
./configure && make && sudo make install


Finally, use Node.js to build cool applications!


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