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HOW-TO: Installing Fedora 19 ARM Remix on the Cubieboard2 ARM Server

If you are looking for a Red Hat / CentOS compatible Linux distibution with RPM and Yum support, but that will run on ARM Servers, Fedora 19 is a great option. Fedora Project engineer Hans de Goedde has built a version that will run on the Cubieboard2, as well as other Allwinner A10, A13, and A20 based boards which is documented here:!topic/linux-sunxi/XCIaukbAjyI. To get Fedora 19 running on the Cubieboard2 ARM Server, here are the steps I took:

First, we need to download the image file from:

Next we need to make sure our SD Card is not already mounted. If so, unmount it.

Now, we can write the image to the card:

xzcat Fedora-19-a10-armhfp-r3.img.xz > /dev/mmcblk0 #this may take a while

Next, remove the card, and then re-insert it so that it gets mounted. Mine did not mount automatically, so I simply ran:

mount -/dev/mmcblk0 /media/linaro/uboot
cd /media/linaro/uboot
./ cubieboard2
cd /
umount /media/linaro/uboot
shutdown -r now

The system will reboot twice while it completes the Fedora installation, which may take a while, but eventually the GUI will load and you will prompted to choose a Time Zone, create a User and Password, and can then login to the system!