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New Product Announcement: miniNodes Arm VPS Cloud Server

This week, we are happy to announce the newest miniNodes Arm Server product, an Arm VPS cloud server built on top of the Amazon AWS platform and A1 instance type, leveraging the Amazon Graviton processor!

The miniNodes Arm VPS server product is for customers who want to begin working with Arm VPS servers, but find the AWS product lineup and user experience a bit overwhelming. The AWS platform at this point includes hundreds of distinct products and services, and the dashboard upon logging in to an AWS account can be challenging for a new user. Certainly, those customers who are extremely well versed in the AWS ecosystem can navigate and interact with the system in an effective manner, but for novice or even moderately skilled user, the native AWS user interface can be difficult to use when deploying and managing servers. Additionally, the default billing methodology on the AWS EC2 platform, is to charge a fixed price for CPU and RAM, and then add a variable utilization cost for storage and bandwidth consumption. This allows to user to only pay for what is used, and makes a lot of sense for many customers. However, there is an additional segment of customers who prefer to simply pay a fixed fee, repeatable every month, that already includes a pre-defined storage and bandwidth allocation. Digital Ocean has excelled in this scenario for many years now with their “Droplets”, that include the CPU, RAM, storage, network bandwidth included, for a set monthly price.

Thus, in an effort to simplify the user experience and entry point in to the Arm Server ecosystem, we have built a product line that includes 5 Arm VPS servers of varying sizes from small to large, with pre-defined values for CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth, with fixed pricing, and using our own simplified miniNodes interface. Utilizing an API, we then provision our Arm servers in the Amazon AWS cloud, provide the IP Address and credentials to the customer, and customers can connect to their Arm server within minutes.  For now, we only offer Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but are working on adding Debian, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Arm in the near future.

So, we hope this product makes sense for customers who:

  • are looking to get started with hosted Arm Servers and Arm development for the first time,
  • are current Arm VPS users but instead want flat, repeatable billing,
  • prefer a simpler interface than what AWS offers.

Our Arm VPS servers can be purchased here, and of course if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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