5 Node Raspberry Pi 3 CoM Carrier Board

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The miniNodes Raspberry Pi 3 CoM Carrier Board can accomodate up to 5 Raspberry Pi Computer on Modules (CoM) in a small, easy to use platform.  The Carrier Board has an integrated gigabit switch that simply needs one ethernet uplink, that makes all 5 nodes available on the network.  The other side of the board has a power barrel which provides power to the CoM’s.

The miniNodes Raspberry Pi 3 CoM Carrier Board can be used to provide extreme edge compute capacity in remote environments, industrial settings, or space constrained locations.  Applications and containers can be delivered to the Pi’s, to run workloads closer to the edge of the network or in places not previously possible.

Or, it can be used right on your desk as a great way to learn compute clustering, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, MongoDB or Redis replication, and more!

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 4 x 4 in