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Testing Your Code and Applications on ARM Servers

With the launch of miniNodes last week, developers, programmers, students and more can now test out their code and applications on ARM Servers easily and cost effectively.  miniNodes ARM Servers are bare metal dedicated servers, running on ARM Cortex processor cores, with integrated memory and storage.  They run Ubuntu Server 13.10 (with support for Fedora 20 coming soon) and are accessible via SSH like any other standard server.

The significance of ARM processors, and the importance of ensuring code works on ARM platforms is quickly becoming crucial for business.  ARM Cortex processors power the iPhone and iPad, and the vast majority of Android phones and tablets as well.  As more and more computing shifts from the desktop computer to the mobile device, application developers need to ensure their code works on those platforms.

miniNodes can help with this transition by providing a low cost sandbox for developers to test apps, without worrying about a virtualization layer, incompatibilities, or integration efforts.