Why purchase miniNodes ARM Dedicated Servers?

ARM Servers are great for developers testing and using lightweight, next generation programming languages and technologies:

ARM is disrupting the Datacenter and Server ecosystem.  ARM processor designs are prominent in cell phones and tablets, where efficiency and performance per watt are critical.  As smartphones, tablets, and connected devices have exploded in growth, so too has the datacenter capacity needed to support those devices and applications.  Cooling, power, and space are expensive; thus, alternatives to the traditional model are needed.  ARM is now shipping 64-bit processors and development boards, Android has 64-bit support in Android “Lollipop”, and Linux distributions are moving quickly to natively support 64-bit ARM instruction sets.

Microservers have several advantages over traditional servers and cloud servers:

  • Microservers use drastically less power than a traditional server, helping save energy and the environment.
  • Microservers are less expensive to own and operate than a traditional server.
  • Microservers are physical hardware nodes allocated only to you, and are not shared or hosted in a cloud. Thus your data is isolated and security is superior to virtual machines.

Further, ARM Dedicated Servers are great for developers, students, and web designers:

  • Developers building mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows RT can build, test, and deploy code on the same 32-bit or 64-bit ARM Cortex architecture that most mobile phones and tablets run on. An ARM Dedicated Server can be used to verify code runs properly on the ARM platform, or to host back-end services for mobile apps. Simple listening services for Internet of Things devices and communication services are also great candidates for ARM Servers.
  • Students can use ARM dedicated servers to learn Linux, system administration, hosting, and programming while taking classes and gaining skills. Because they are inexpensive, microservers are a great learning platform and educational tool.
  • Web designers can use a microserver as a cost effective way to host customer websites. This is an example of “right-sized” computing, where the largest, fastest, most expensive server isn’t necessary to handle low-traffic, non-resource intensive websites. A microserver is sufficient, and is a much more cost effective way to host sites.


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