miniNodes is the world’s only 100% ARM hosting provider, and our mission is to offer Low Cost, High Efficiency ARM Dedicated Servers (microservers) that are powerful enough to host common cloud services, websites, and applications on hardware that is sufficient, but not overkill.  We focus on low power consumption (only 5 to 10% of the electricity a normal server would draw) while still being able to perform the same tasks as a regular server.  Much of a server’s time and processor cycles are spent idle anyways, so microservers focus on efficiency by leveling out compute supply and demand over time, resulting in the ability to achieve similar performance levels as the some of the more powerful servers of the not-too-distant past.  Additionally, ARM Dedicated Servers come with a lower price point than a normal full-size server, so they offer cost savings and can deliver IT services at a cheaper price than normal hosting providers charge.  Finally, space and server density are dramatically improved by microservers, with hundreds of nodes being able to fit in the same space occupied by just a few traditional servers.

miniNodes is proud to be the only 100% ARM Server provider.  And with the significant investments in the datacenter ecosystem that ARM has been making, now is a great time to learn the architecture and platform, and prepare yourself now for the coming revolution.

miniNodes is an Arizona startup, and actively donates to open source projects that support what we do.