Arm Ecosystem and Innovation

miniNodes is a collection of efforts focused on leveraging Arm processing capability, whether that is in the application of compute and servers in the Datacenter, at the Edge, or the Internet of Things.  Arm cores that run Linux can be found in devices ranging from as small as a credit card, to full 4U rack mount enterprise-grade servers in datacenters.   There are devices and hardware options that cover every size and shape in between, and the ability to run cloud-native workloads on Arm infrastructure in both traditional and non-traditional environments is extremely valuable.

Over the years, miniNodes has built hardware, software, and projects that innovate and ideate, and has demonstrated thought leadership in the ecosystem.  Prototype hardware for building small clusters of Raspberry Pi Compute Modules, IoT-to-Edge-to-Cloud infrastructure demos, and porting software like Rosetta@Home (with help from the community!) are a few examples of the types of work we find exciting.

There is also the (tiny) Arm Server hosting, primarily focused on Raspberry Pi’s but with some other single board computers in the rack, as well.  These are designed to demonstrate to developers and users how easy it is to work on Arm hardware, and prove that you can run all sorts of applications on Arm-powered devices.  And with the significant investments in the datacenter ecosystem that Arm has been making, now is a great time to get acquainted with Arm Servers.

miniNodes is an Arizona startup, and actively donates to open source projects that support what we do.

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